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Urban Tree Doctors looks to preserve and maintain the urban forest. With todays weather, polloution and rapid expansion of neighborhoods. We strive to provide service for the ever declining urban forest.  The stress that has been put on the trees is astounding. Trees provide us with beauty, shade and oxygen. We want to protect and bring back to health the trees that provide us with these things. The technology that we use today has allowed Urban Tree Doctors to pursue an environmentally friendly option to protecting our trees.

My Story

It all began for me in the early 90’s. One of the companies I worked for made it available for me to attend Arborculture classes in the winter to educate myself and his staff. With the knowledge that was attained we were able to make better choices in the field. That began my ever growing passion for the arborist in me. I had no idea that it would led me to where I am now, 25 plus years later. Working in the landscape industry for most of those years it became an ever increasing passion for me to do everything in my power to protect the trees that i was working around.

In 2010 I was introduced to the process that we use now. I have been using it religiously since then and removed the the old non environmentally  friendly process that I was using. As I used the new process I began to watch the trees become healthier and more vigorous. My belief in the new process has brought me to this point “Urban Tree Doctors”

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